Link Aggregation / bonding

Greetings, I failed to google anything about this, so decided to ask directly here.
I need Link Aggregation/bonding for my NAS.

I have Xiaomi Mi Router 3G V1 with stock firmware at this moment, but i'm ready to flash openwrt if I'll be able to unlock the needed feature. A router has WLAN + 2 Gigabit ports onboard which should be sufficient to Bond 2 cables if I'm not mistaken.

I was unable to find a bonding option in Miwifi stock firmware, but maybe my Chinese is bad.

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According to the device's page at "", it seems to have a single switch controlling all ethernet ports and a single CPU connection; even if you see 2 LAN + 1 WAN ports on the outside, there is indeed one single connection to the CPU. Bear this in mind, as you might not accomplish what you expect (you will never reach higher than 1Gbps connections, for example).

That said, OpenWrt can do link aggregation / channel bonding on ethernet connections, using the standard Linux's support for this feature. However, there is no support for it on uci, so you will have to configure and handle it yourself... nothing that some scripting cannot do.

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Thanks for the reply, I was not expecting to double 1Gbps speed, I usually get 15-20 MB/s with my internet connection, thought might get better than that (of course not exceeding 125mb/s). Or since a single CPU connection, i won't get any positive effect?

If you are not reaching the limits of the ethernet connection, having two of them does not seem necessary, specially if both channels go through the same CPU - switch link.

I would try to find the bottleneck in your system, before thinking about bonding.

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R3G has only 2 LAN ports, even if link aggregation is possible, there will be no spare LAN port for other LAN devices.

there are 3 ports, one for the internet and 2 spare. All other devices use WiFi.

So it's useless because your clients can't get over 1Gbps over WiFi