Link Aggregation & Bonding

Hi, Im looking for packages that support Link aggregation in OpenWRT. I really want to do bonding on my Router. I have 2 WAN interfaces wan0 and wan1. Is it possible to aggregate both the WAN in both TCP & UDP Mode ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

your going to have to describe the topology in much more detail... and i suppose your expectations / use for the "link"

upper layer solutions such as mwan generally prevail unless your talking about provider level control, which would be needed for true wan aggregation.

I have used mwan3 for multi wan and I have 2 WAN connections. Im looking for bonding for Live Streaming as well as large file downloading. I have OpenWRT v18 installed on my Raspberry Pi 4 which is pretty powerful as a Router for bonding. I tried OpenMPTCProuter but getting pretty low speeds. Looking for an alternative to OpenMPTCProuter.

buy a "blackbox" solution and/or upgrade your links.... OR... study and improve the underlying components....

there is no "magic" package that will help you.

Do you know a way to enable it ? I am willing to configure it manually or code for it

Hi, I am also looking for bonding in OpenWRT on raspberry Pi. Did you get any solution, and how much speed did the OpenMPTCPRouter gave after bonding ? Thanks :slight_smile:

there are two kinds of bonding. One is bonding of Ethernet link at layer 2. because you have two layer 3 connections, this doesn't help you at all. Another is bonding of isp links, to do this requires software like openmptcp. if that doesn't work for you then you are stuck with mwan which doesn't help with single stream speed.

Have you tried openmptcp with this hardware etc? it might be others have problems from not enough CPU but RPI4 has lots of cpu