Limit Speed for Dumb AP

Hey OpenWrt Community,

I have what i think must be quite a simple problem to solve but i am kinda stuck and hope someone can help :slight_smile:

I am pretty new to OpenWrt so sorry if my topic is something really trivial but i cant seem to find a good solution to my problem.

So i recently moved and found myself without any good option for dsl so i decided to try LTE. Got a Netgear Nighthawk m1 which works great but lacks options for Qos.
Thats was a problem for me since my girlfriend and i both work from home atm but sometimes at different times of the day and i like to play online games with friends in my free time. When she is working (as a deisgner) she needs to be connected to her companys Cloud Storage which constantly maxes out up and download speed of my connection for file synchronisation. So playing online games was impossible while she was working.

Thats why i got into OpenWrt, bought a router (Gl.inet mango) and an access point (archer c6), installed OpenWrt on the archer c6 and installed SQM (piece of cake) on the router. I made the c6 a dumb AP after i found an entry in this forum and set the nighthawk m1 to ip passthrough.
Now the Gl.inet mango is the "main router" with the nighthawk m1 being connected to the wan and a switch being connected to the lan port. My PC and the archer c6 are now connected to the switch. SQM on the Mango now works great as i get reasonable ping but i had to limit the up and down speed pretty hard (to 16000kbit/s). Before at good times i got 30000kbit/s up and down but sometimes it went down to like 18000kbit/s, thats why i had to set it so low for it to be working.

Now my question is: Can i limit only the up and down speed of my dumb AP (archer c6 with openwrt) while not reducing speed on my pc which is connected via LAN to the switch?

Thanks in advance to anyone who was willing to read my little novel here and have a good day :slight_smile: