Limit paid connection

Hi everyone,

I have several question in order to, if it is possible, implement a functionality on my openwrt.

Windows WiFi manager or android phones can detect if the WiFi you are connected on is a paid WiFi or pay for use and thus the device is going to limit the usage of the data (ie no update etc).
How does this work? What kind of message the router send to the device to make that appen?

As you may have understood, I would like to be able to do the same with my openwrt router. I have for example different wan and when using 4g, I would like to be able to tell the devices connected on the network not to use unnecessary data.

This is the functionality I would like, I don't want to block some requests on the router side or decrease Internet speed qos or whatever.

Any leads or documentation would be appreciate, or the keywords related so I can look for it by myself.


Some info:

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Thanks! I'll check that and try to make it work, keep you in touch.

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Little bit late reply, I tried to force the parameters in the dhcp and it didn't work. I'll try to think of a solution and keep you posted.