Limit Bandwith per User

Hello I want to Limit the Internet bandwith per user. But how can i do that the local Internet like Nas and co is unlimited only the Internet is limited?

well, to solve the problem, one must first pose the right question.

let us assume the following.

  1. you have some number of users on your local network
  2. you have a (local) NAS that is accessible by these users
  3. these users can also access the internet

and you want to

  1. limit the external (WAN/Internet) bandwidth of the users
  2. but not limit the (LAN/local) bandwidth of the users when they access the NAS.

hopefully of the many keeners here can now answer your question, if they're not studying (memorising) for a biology exam.

Do you want to do this because the transfer is metered, or because you want everyone to get a "fair share"?

If it's just a fair share, then use SQM with per internal IP fairness. See the wiki for SQM look for advanced features. Search for dual-dsthost option

Yeah that is what i mean