Limit bandwith by IP range

Hi, i want to create two network with different IP range

My interface is only one, with one AP

I want to create separated network. <- This is for my private IoT. <- This is for guest.

Guests network cant access my private IoT and luci app.

Because I want to use this :

What im trying right now is create new ip on same interface

But when try add new IP to static lease give me error :

The IP address is outside of any DHCP pool range. guest still can access luci.

why not follow one of the openwrt guest wlan guides/videos out there ?

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I try some guides on youtube.. bandwith still not limited, tried luci-app-mqos mulimiter on github, and other luci-app package, only this luci-app-eqosplus can work to limit bandwith speed.
because im using proxy openclash in my router, some bandwith limit app cant be used.

Can you give me other guides to read ?

Thanyou, works as expected, now how to block from accessing luci ?

try this but doesnt work

I assume you want to block access to luci from your "guest" network see: