Like to use old OpenWRT router x86 as backup

Move the drive to the new x86 PC
No problem so far

Use a disc imaging software to move a copy to the old system using a new similar sizesd drive

When I try to boot the old one it sits hung up

Only information that seems useful is....

Waiting for Root device PARTUUID

Is there a way to use gparted to remedy this boot issue

Show us your fstab stored in the maindrive and blkid from any live distro via usb.

The partition UUIDs weren't cloned, hence your fstab is wrong.

Is there a reason you're dd'ing the data rather than simply running a fresh install?


Shockingly I actually took a picture of that


Supposedly bad one

Because I'm just started like within this month with WRT lol.

I don't even know how to build yet.

Despite passing CompTIA a, net+, taking and passing intro to Linux It put me to shame taking me a better part of this month just to ....

-1Set up a device halfway which failed USB ETHERNET ADAPTER DIED OVERLOAD


-Getting 2 LAN to communicate with each other through 1 router

-REMOTING (VPN) (passing traffic through both lans
-preventing IP leaks from nas while having both interfaces connected to two separate lans
-troubleshooting support for emby(lifetime) because Plex (lifetime) too slow for TV on the go due to how their system works)

It's been a long months starting from scratch many times then backing up and starting from those backup points which really sped things up. I really don't want to have to repeat everything again

Also for clarification the 2 subnets makes it easy to control the VPNs traffic as all I have to do is separate using the whole fire zone thing

Ensuring that even if VPN fails The traffic has no logical place to go

First precaution (device network settings)
Nas has only one gateway that both subnets on it can pass through to the router itself and communicate with other devices as well as the tunnel
Second precaution (PBR)
In the entire subnet is under one VPN

Third precaution
Fire zone has only one possible gateway aka
The VPN tunnel for that subnet

I can't read anything out of that.

Take a good one, keep the camera centred, stable and snap.

Or use

Is this a little better see if you can zoom in

Fstab aswell

Of your openwrt root on the x86 device.

This one may start out fuzzy but it's definitely legible

The preferred method is as follows:

  1. Make a backup of your configuration using the built-in backup features (available in the LuCI web interface or as part of the CLI arguments for sysupgrade). Keep in mind that this backup may not be compatible across different devices (i.e. the network and wireless files which may have hardware specific configuration items), but most of your other files would theoretically be okay.
  2. Download the OpenWrt image for your device (in this case presumably x86/64) and install it per the instructions (this is the x86 install process).
  3. If you have additional packages that you wish to install, you can install them after OpenWrt is up and running, or you can actually include them in a custom image that you use to install onto your media. You can use the firmware selector to create your custom image.

This will ensure that your configuration will work properly. Using dd to copy an existing installation is more likely to cause problems and take longer to debug (possibly with the inevitable solution being to do the base install as described in point 2 above).

With a little bit of experience, you can do all of this in less than 10 minutes.

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Sorry but there's nothing but a generic comment in f stab what do I have to add

That is not OpenWrt. OpenWrt does not have a language selection menu or X-Windows.

I would suggest make a bootable OpenWrt USB and either run directly from it or use it to dd a fresh image to the internal disk. OpenWrt does not have an "installer."

I use g-parted because I didn't have those packages installed

Moved to new system
Old is going to be back up

Need to make the uuID match
Because of waiting for root device PARTUUID

Blkid seems to provided

How do I apply it?

I've already booted into a USB in order to make these changes It has been main root partition has mounted separately

I have backed up the fstab(which currently is absent of configuration other than a comment)

Don't start new threads about the same problem.

OpenWrt does not use /etc/fstab to mount the root partition. It is not possible to read /etc/fstab or any other file from the root filesystem before that filesystem has been mounted. The UUID of the root partition is stored in the GRUB configuration and communicated to the kernel by GRUB.

If additional partitions beyond root (external drives, or data on an internal drive) are to be mounted, the OpenWrt specific block-mount package and its config flle /etc/config/fstab (not /etc/fstab) are typically used.


Apologies, that was on me.

Show me the cmdline.txt in /boot partition of openwrt

Say is there a way to just put an entry into The following file:

(Just loaded back up openwRT


Not entirely versed with it.

But instead of fstab, openwrt provides the device as cmdline parameters.

That's where your mismatch most likely is.

Where are those parameters I'm not really good with manpages