libtalloc package missing in OpenWrt 18.06 (x86_64)

Hi, I can't install FreeRADIUS 3 in a VirtualBox VM running OpenWrt 18.06 due to a missing dependency (libtalloc):

Collected errors:
 * satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for freeradius3:
 * 	libtalloc
 * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package freeradius3.

The package seems to be missing for OpenWrt 18.06 (x86_64). It is however in LEDE 17.01 and in the snapshot version
of OpenWrt.

Is there a reason for this package not being included in the current stable version?

It seems to have a missing dependency in x86_64, and nobody has fixed it and tested a fix.

Package libtalloc is missing dependencies for the following libraries:
Makefile:114: recipe for target '/build/openwrt-18.06/slaves/phase2/x86_64/build/sdk/bin/packages/x86_64/packages/libtalloc_2.1.11-1_x86_64.ipk' failed
make[3]: *** [/build/openwrt-18.06/slaves/phase2/x86_64/build/sdk/bin/packages/x86_64/packages/libtalloc_2.1.11-1_x86_64.ipk] Error 1
time: package/feeds/packages/libtalloc/compile#0.06#0.00#0.44

Possibly due to version bump in Dec 2018 ???

The libtalloc's dependency on libbsd has been patched away in master by @thess , so maybe he could backport the fix to 18.06, too.

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Maybe he could - see here (openwrt-18.06):