Libpcsclite unable to find usr/include/PCSC/*

Hi *,

I am working with smartcards, and have installed pcscd on openwrt.
i want to establish connection with the reader, but i am unable to find the winscard.h, winscard.c and other dependent files. Can anyone help how to go about this problem?

Thanks in advance.

You won't find development headers on an OpenWrt system. Use the SDK.

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okay, thanks for the answer. But i want to send APDUs to my smart card via smartcard reader which is connectwd to my openwrt system. without header files being present in the system will i be able to write an application to achieve the same?

If you use the SDK, you can do whatever you like.

If you intend to do it all on an OpenWrt-system and your application requires compiling, technically yes, but you'd need to install all the required tools and dependencies and copy all the dependencies' header-files from somewhere else -- OpenWrt does not package header-files, it's not meant for that -- so for any practical purposes, no.

If your application is just a script that calls already-existing executables, yes.

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