Libffmpeg-mini does not support MPEG-1/2 codec?

Hi everyone,

I just installed LEDE on TPLink TL-WR1043ND v4 using this firmware: I want to set up a media server so I installed luci-app-minidlna, libffmpeg-mini. After configuring everything (filesystem support, block-mount, minidlna config...), I can start minidlna service successfully. The media server can stream various formats without a problem: mkv, avi, mp4, mp3. But my vcd and dvd clips are not shown on the database. I looked into the log file and saw these lines:

metadata.c:691: warn: Opening /mnt/sda1/sample.mpg failed! [Invalid data found when processing input]
scanner.c:490: warn: Unsuccessful getting details for /mnt/sda1/sample.mpg!

This surprises me because it can play HD movies but cannot with vcd and dvd formats. I decided to remove libffmpeg-mini and installed libffmpeg-full. Now everything works fine.

So is this a bug? As I know libffmpeg-mini supports quite many popular formats, it should have support MPEG-1/2 too. If I am wrong, please help me how to configure/enable MPEG-1/2 codec. Installing libffmpeg-full is fine with me but it costs more several MB and exceeds my need, especially when installing on <= 8 MB flash memory.

Thank you very much for your time and help.