Libcurl difference? Bug?

I'm posting this for someone else and unfortunately, don't know too much about what he's asking but I wanted to post in case someone does.

The problem is that libcurl is not working right on a gl.inet ar300m16 but it's working fine on another gl.inet, mt300m-v2. Both are running 22.x.x. I say x.x because we've tried all of them, from 22.01.x to 22.03.3.

Wondering if anyone might have some thoughts I could relay back to my friend. He wonders if there is a bug in the one version.

There is a function in libcurl called curl_easy_getinfo() where you can get info about the previous curl command that you executed. This function returns CURLE_OK saying that it succeeded but whatever you ask it it just says it has worked but returns 0.

Specifically that 'curl_easy_getinfo()' function is not working, but only on the AR300M16.
Well, actually I have only tested two targets, so I can't say that it is only broken on one target. I can only say for sure that it is working on the MT300N-V2 in the same OpenWrt version, 22.x.x

Did anyone ever investigate this?
I have a similar issue with libcurl in OpenWrt 21 and 22 and also on the AR300M16.
My code is also working perfectly in OpenWrt 21 and 22 on the MT300N-V2.
I have more details than were posted here so will gather the info and post it in a bit, but there are clearly serious issues in libcurl in OpenWrt 21 and OpenWrt22 on the AR300M16 target.