Let's Encrypt DuckDns

Hello and I hope that all is well with everyone. Does anyone here ( or elsewhere ) know how to setup luci-app-acme acme - let's encrypt with duckdns. It has driven me crazy as I find little to no documentation. The " well known challenge" is where everything hangs. I tried to use Neilpang but all to no avail. https://github.com/Neilpang/acme.sh/wiki/How-to-run-on-OpenWRT
So, if I am not too far off topic - I sure would appreciate all the help I can get - preferably step by step instructions.
Thanks in advance and God Bless In Peace,


I use Neil Pang's page as a guide, but be aware you also need to open port 80 for the initial challenge to work. It's working fine on my WRT32X running the latest davidc502 build

Thanks a lot I am going to follow your advice and I will report back on my results. I am nothing if not persistent.
WiteWulf I do appreciate your feedback
God Bless,

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