Lenovo ThinkCentre M93p Openwrt

im planning to buy this ThinkCentre M93p mini pc (i5 4th gen 4gb ram 128gb ssd ) to install and use openwrt.

but it only has 1 lan port and i don't see any space to install a PCI-E card. so im looking for to buy a TP-Link UE300 (USB to rj45) kit.

is this setup possible to handle 300Mbps down and 300Mbps upload speed ?

which card should i use as WAN ? tp link one or inbuilt one?

thank you


it's also overkill, and a power hog.

If you only need two ports, consider the ARK-1123 from ebay, they're usually sold for ~$45.

If you need more ports, the Dell Edge E42W 620 is ~$70 on ebay.

I bought a Dell 5060 for $30 and $20 for the manage switch and it maxed out my isp speed at 550mbps all day long with SQM..forget the USB stick and just use 1 port..

thanks for the reply. how do i setup 2nd port on ARK-1123? using a USB to rj45 cable ?

thanks for the reply. how do i use it with one port ? i have to plug a WAN cable and then get the connection out of it using another LAN ?

It got two ports.

The Edge got 6, plus two SFP+s.

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oh. thank you

Using vlans. It's called "router on stick" in Cisco term. If you are interested. I can sell you a Dell 5060+Netgear GS108T for $70+ $10 shipping all configure when it hit your door. All you had to do is plug isp cable into port 1.. and pc into port 8 and ready to go..

I can sell you a Dell 5060 and

thanks for the offer. but i dont thing that you can ship all those for 10$ to my country :frowning: . im from Sri Lanka. it will cost like 100$ to ship to here

You probably should have mentioned it earlier..