Legacy rules detected warning after OpenWRT 19 to 23


After upgrading from OpenWRT 19 to OpenWrt 23.05.2 r23630-842932a63d / LuCI openwrt-23.05 branch git-24.006.68745-9128656 a few weeks ago I've just noticed a warning on the firewall section about legacy rules detected. I've looked on previous topis like [1] [2] and [3], but, as new user (I've got zero experience on iptables, until now I've just used default firmware on muy routers), don't grasp how I'm supposed to recognize old vs new rules in order to at least study if i need to translate an old one to the new format...

Everyting seemed to work this weeks, but I'm concerned for the security of the configuration.

The upgrade was made through Attended Sysupgrade... Should I start from scartch or this message/issue can be corrected?

Sorry for the ignorance and the broken english

The jump from 19 to 23 is very large, so yes, you definitely should start from scratch. Attended Sysupgrade keeps your old 19.x configs, so there's probably a lot wrong with things that you haven't noticed yet.

Do you have a backup of the configuration that you can use as a template for adding your old rules and settings? That's the place to start.

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Mmm, ok, I started to thinking so after seeing the warning.

As everything seemed to work i deleted my old config, but thats another thing learned from the experience.