Legacy rules detected OpenWrt

Hi there

I am facing some errors while going to firewalls tab on openwrt luci gui

I have upgraded all the packages to the latest version

Using OpenWrt SNAPSHOT (r21150-63db906516)

Did you fix the issue outlined in the warning?

(It's difficult to understand if you have an inquiry - since the warning in the screenshot clearly tells you the issue and how to resolve it.)

See: Firewall4 is now default... is this totally transparent to users?

It says I have mixed iptables and nftables but how can I fix it back to normal version?

Yes, it does - that's what you need to fix. Have you done so?

Are you having difficulty?

If you're having, let us know what's wrong (and show your firewall configs).

I don't understand this question.

Iptables is not installed/used by default anymore. You'll have to fix any rule that makes an iptables "extra" argument or iptables-specific refrence.

Where to find my firewall configs ?

:thinking: The same place where you created them.

  • On web GUI Network > Firewall; or
  • /etc/config/firewall


Please open the iptables overview (as indicated by the button in the warning message) and post a screenshot of the rules listed there. This allows us to deduce the responsible package from the kind of rules being present there.

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After removing the package luci-app-qos with dependencies the warning got removed I think the firewall is ok as before right ?

Also I am sharing the firewall config here

But I saw 2 firewall config files stored in /etc/config

Where firewall-opkg was created/modified at may 4 , 2022 and firewall was created/modified at November 5, 2022

Here are there gist links :