LEDE x86 SSD recommendations?

Hello everyone.
I have started the project of assembling and installing LEDE on an old mini-pc.
I need your help since the mini-pc has a SSD disk a bit old (crucial realssd of 64gb from 2010-2011 approximately), it has 512 ram an amd athlon mobile 2850e processor, an HP NC364T (Intel Pro / 1000 PT) And for the wifi will use a tp-link high power TL-WN7200ND (RT2870-RT3070).
What precautions should I take with ssd?
How active the trim? Should I use a SWAP partition or not?
The equipment will not run 24/7 as it should be turned off at night.
Should it shut down like a normal pc, or just disconnected like the router?
is possible to enable the power switch to turn off the system?
Any recommendations to leave this mini pc as best as possible are welcome.
thank you very much.

Since saving energy seems to be the key point here you're wasting a lot by running a mini-pc compared to a MIPS/ARM based solution. They're roughly 4-6x times more efficient than your PC box (probably more).

Energy consumption is not a big problem. Anyway compared to the old router this mini-pc only increases consumption by 50% more since it is based on laptop hardware.

It's ancient laptop hardware (by todays standards) and it doesn't make any sense to turn it off every night, it'll just cause more harm/stress to the hardware.

Well it will not be disconnected then every night.
and about to the TRIM and SWAP partition, what do you recommend?

everything is loaded in ram, most operations are read only, you will not write to disk if you use it as a firewall (no samba,no database..)
trim is supported by kernel if the drive supports it and no swap partition should be needed on 512mb ram

And if I am going to use samba, dlna in addition to yamon3 to monitor the network,
Is this not recommended to use then?

I used a 2gb mini usb drive (kingmax) for about 2 years until it failed, it was readable, but the write speed was very very low until it failed to write on it anymore. If you use a larger size you will have more erase sectors and the controller will do the wear leveling so it depends how much data will you write on it


YAMon requires minimal disk space for its data files (the logs and daily backups - if enabled - will consume much more space). My data files go back to May 2013 and still have acres of the space on a 2GB thumb drive.
In the background, I'm working on an updated version of YAMon that offloads the data files to an external database

well, my ssd disk has 64gb i'm thing there is not space problems, but the reliability of this disk worries me a bit!
anyways @lucize use a usb for 2 years, this ssd disk should last at least the same time!