Lede WRT1200AC without dualboot functionallity

dear all,

In order to provide software updates and assistance to our world wide costumers (we produce Industrial machines that we ship world wide),
the teleservice is provided by using a Linksys WRT1200AC with Llede-17.01.4-mvebu-linksys-wrt1200ac-squashfs-factory.

Since we moved from the old router TP-Link MR3420 ver 1.1 with Openwrt 15.05 to the above one,
we are facing the following random issue:

the router sometimes load back its original firmware and then to our side (from italy) the machine is not anymore reachable because all the settings configured on Lede 17.01.2 are not anymore available.

Reading in the forum I had understand that the above behavoir is due the "fail safe mode",
that if there is any issue the mode will load back the firmware by itself.

I am also 100% secure that it happens without pressing reset button because the router
is installed inside an eletrical cabinet and nobody have the key.

As you can imagine, the above behaivor is a disaster because from italy is complicated install again the Lede firmware (the VPN tunnel is handled by the router that now have lost the configuration)

We want to remove the above functions and If the router go stucked for some reason,
we will use the old fashion way: remove the power and restart again.

I wrote here to put under your attention the following request:
I am not able to build the firmware without failsafe by myself.

Can somebody do it?
We want to pay for this job (let's also discuss about the price)

thank you for understanding
best regards

You can flash the device again to overwrite the OEM FW on the other partition so that when it fails over it is to the same FW, configured with the same settings. There is also the uboot environment variable auto_recovery.


Flashing twice is definitely the more robust option. If the second flash is after you configure the device, the settings will be the same in both.

If you can build your own images, I would suggest incorporating your "safe" configuration in the ROM's configuration. That way, even if someone "resets to defaults" you will still have access to your devices. See https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-developer/build-system/use-buildsystem#custom_files

/lib/upgrade/linksys.sh will always set auto_recovery yes on flash, and U-Boot will, as I recall, set it if it decides (for reasons unknown to me) to reset the U-Boot environment to defaults.

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No. This is not OpenWrt failsafe, this is the standard dual boot feature of this device.


Thanks to everybody for your support.

please, how Can I perform your suggestion, (in case of error it will reload our safe configuration with lede etc)??

thank you very much

Thank you Tmomas for closing the other thead and for all the suggestions.

Now I have to figure out how do the above,

maybe you can help? thank you

sorry for asking,
I want to pay for somebody of this forum that handle my problem, 100€ i think that is enougth, I pay through paypal.

I can provide a testing machine where I see how to handle the process that you are teaching me, also with an wrt1200ac,
so I will update our procedure for other router with lede.

In case is required to build something:
I have a virtual machine with ubuntu that I'd like to set up for future handle of custom firware,
who will help we can connect to this machine and properly configure it (I will provide a teamviewer access to an windows machine).

is there some good soul that can help me?

You just need to install and configure OpenWrt on any of both partitions, then install it again, with the option to preserve the configuration activated. The second installation will land on the other partition, and your device will have two identical partitions.

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Ciao Eduperez,
do you have time to show me how handle through teamviewer?
if you are interested contact me on skype on ascerra.bbm

thank you

good morning everybody,
nobody can help me?

it seems to me impossible that nobody is interested to earn 200€ just building a custom lede firmware!

please help

How about this:

  1. Install OpenWrt 18.06.4.
  2. Configure it to meet your needs.
  3. Install OpenWrt 18.06.4 again, preserving the configuration.
  4. Now you have OpenWrt 18.06.4 on both partitions, with the same configuration; no matter what happens to the boot procedure and what partition is active, your device will work the same.

Where do I collect my 200€? :wink:


Ciao Eduperez,
ok, can you give me (in PM or here in pubblic as you wish) your address for 100€ paypal transfer?

sorry I just noted, I did a mistake where I wrote 200€!! wrong digit :frowning: forgive me

To be sincere, I did not answer this thread because I expected any reward, just like I do not expect a reward from any of the other threads where I have tried to help people.

However if you are being serious about your offer, my PayPal account is https://www.paypal.me/edupes

Many thanks.

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as agreed I send 100€ to your paypal account.

thank you again


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I confirm that I have received 100€ on my PayPal account, many thanks to @Antonio88!

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Now I've seen everything.