LEDE v17.01.3 release

any news on 17.01.3 stable release date?
According to roadmap preparations for its release were to be done in July but there are no news.
I am member of Otvorena mreža project and as we provide free public WiFI we have some devices that got support after 17.01.2 but we can only use stable releases as basis for our customized firmware.


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Is there something broken with 17.01.2 that will be patched in .3 release?

Yeah,there are things.
But I primarily need new stable for added devices

What devices?

Most likely there will not be a LEDE 17.01.3

Openwrt and LEDE are supposed to merge again. Current LEDE source would be renamed as new Openwrt. That has likely stopped the preparations for LEDE 17.06.0 (as it was supposed to be a new full release from master, instead of 17.01.3). At least I have not seen any release activity on the developer mailing list.

The practical aspects of the merge have been delayed somewhat, so the next release is somewhat in limbo. The next release might be be something like "Openwrt 17.11.0" or so.

The merge process has no impact on the releases, the 17.01.3 release is primarily delayed by a lack of time on my side.

@craz Well I mostly need TP Link 840 v4 and Mikrotik devices with 16MB of NOR flash.
@jow Thanks for clarification, any ETA?

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Ideally .3 will include support for the TP-lInk Archer C7 v4, as that version is finding its way into the channel now. This is one of the more popular OpenWRT/LEDE platforms and people will be getting nasty surprises, as outlets like Amazon ship mixed versions under the same listing.

@jow Is there anything we can do to help you out with the time constraints?