LEDE v17.01.2 service release

The LEDE Community is proud to announce the second service release of
stable LEDE 17.01 series.

LEDE 17.01.2 "Reboot" incorporates a fair number of fixes back ported
from the development branch during the last seven weeks.

Some selected highlights of the service release are:

  • Linux kernel updated to version 4.4.71 (from 4.4.61 in v17.01.1)
  • Fixed TX power limit handling of ath9k
  • Various fixes to the rt2x00 wireless driver
  • Various fixes to odhcpd
  • Various fixes to firewall
  • Security fixes to vulnerabilities in Samba, Dropbear, OpenVPN and
    Linux kernel
  • Assorted platform fixes for ar71xx, bcm53xx, brcm63xx, ipq806x,
    lantiq, ramips and x86

For a detailed list of changes since 17.01.1 refer to

For latest information about the 17.01 series, refer to the wiki at:

To download the v17.01.2 images, navigate to:

As always, a big thank you goes to all our active package maintainers,
testers, documenters and supporters.

Have fun!

The LEDE Community


So sorry, to hijack this announcement but hoping to get a little bit of attention for the broken QCA988x support. It's been broken since 17.01, didn't get fixed in 17.01.1 nor in this 17.01.2 release.
However it worked fine in 15.05.1.


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Hello, many thx for great second service release!
I have question, are there plans to release legacy target also? I saw packages for i486 but no available legacy target yet.

Best regards

Not sure if this is a bug or if LEDE/OpenWrt just behaves this way when upgrading the firmware: I had two APs set up as "repeater bridges" using relayd (https://lede-project.org/docs/user-guide/relay_configuration) and both were working perfectly fine. After the upgrade to LEDE 17.01.2, neither one was working anymore. After some digging I found that the required packages relayd and luci-proto-relay were no longer present on the systems, which rendered the "repeater_bridge" interface useless.

I reinstalled said packages on LEDE 17.01.2 and set up the "repeater_bridge" interface again. Now everything is working just like it did before ...

So, careful with the upgrade if you are using the relayd-setup!

This is what the interface should look like:

And this is what the interface does look like after the upgrade from LEDE 17.01.1 to 17.01.2:


@ci7i2en4: The upgrade procedure does not preserve installed packages, see https://lede-project.org/docs/guide-quick-start/standardflashinginstructions#installing_lede_sysupgrade

Just updated too this release got help from some dudes in #openwrt @ Freenode and got help fixing my opkg problems now by some guys in #lede-dev

Thanks: @netprince neorider @Redfoxmoon for all LEDE and Openwrt help and Inet AB inet.se and Linksys for the hardware

Running on one of these routers: https://www.inet.se/produkt/5402741/linksys-wrt1200ac-ac1200 Telia updated my broadband to 100mbit instead of 10mbit so my old trusty 54gl with OpenWRT got unplugged: https://www.webhallen.com/se-sv/natverk_och_smarta_hem/50483-linksys_wrt54gl-80211bg-54mbps-oppen_kallkod