LEDE v17.01.0 final

Hi jow,

Thanks for posting this fantastic build. I have upgraded from a community build I have been using for a while on my Linksys WRT1900ACSV2.

Is there any reason for not including cryptodev in this build? I can't seem to be able to enable any hardware acceleration for encryption/decryption.


Hi. Have rt2x00 supported 802.11w yet ? I can't enable it on mt7620 (mt7612 using mt76 firmware run ok)

Pls enable ICMP traceroute busybox option in next stable release.
traceroute -I domain.tld

Great work, many thanks! :+1:

eagerly waiting for 17.01.1 :3 (and mt7620 wifi patch)

I also suffered from this problem

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