LEDE Table of Packages: Package description pages

In the package-dataentries, e.g. https://lede-project.org/packages/pkgdata/luci-theme-material, the package name links to a page which offers space for more information about the specific package, and which is manually maintained (contrary to the package dataentries, which are script-generated).

I want to stress the "manually" to make clear: Those pages do not magically pop out of a script, but rather have to be created by a human.

You will notice, that all those packagenames are currently red, i.e. those wikipages do not exist yet.

To ease the process of such package page creation, I set up a template for the "packages" namespace.
Each time a new page is created in this namespace, the editor will be prefilled with the template.

Please try to create a package page by clicking on a package name in https://lede-project.org/packages/start and let me know your thoughts about the template: Good / bad idea? $this_n_that is missing?

At first look, it's a good template and yes we needed a template for that.
I would just state in the comments that the comments MUST be kept for the sake of guiding any other stranger editing again that page. After all they aren't shown, so it's not like we need to drop them anyway.

After I've finished with the package table I'm going to see that template quite a bit, as I import the other 10-ish tutorials and other stuff that is still valuable from OpenWRT wiki, then I'll be able to provide more in-depth feedback.

Thanks for your first feedback!

I modified the template a bit by adding this to the comments:

/******************** Remove this comment after page creation ******************************/

/**************** Keep this comment for later editors ************************/

I also pulled ahead the one-time-comment from the permanent comment. It's abit bulky in the wikisource, but hey, the comments are needed and only shown when editing the page. Please take a look yourself.

BTW: You are no stranger any longer, whoever you may be editing the page the first time :slight_smile: