LEDE Table of Hardware: Test-edits needed. Many of them!

Guys, I need your help.

In order to eliminate the problem of double dataentries in the ToH ( https://github.com/splitbrain/dokuwiki-plugin-data/issues/187 ) I disabled Zend OPcache today for tryout.

The problem appeared in the LEDE ToH after some editing of dataentries, and therefore I need many edits of the dataentries. You can edit any dataentry you like, in almost any way you like. Add silly comments, change values in dropdowns... and so on.

I will check https://wiki.lede-project.org/toh/start at least daily for doubles.
Would be great to find the root cause for the doubles, since both, OpenWrt and LEDE ToH, would profit by this.

Odd problem with ToH and the WNDR3800... https://wiki.lede-project.org/toh/start?dataflt[Model*~]=wndr3800

Ahah! Nope, it's broken the same way on the OpenWrt wiki. I have fixed it there. Will we re-import?

Yes, I will do a fresh re-import from OpenWrt $someday. Not scheduled yet, since the dataentry creation via script is still in the flow.

How can one add a new device to ToH? I would have tested adding Netgear R7800, but I could not figure out how to add a new device to the database. Is there a creation interface, yet?

(If I have understood things correctly, the ToH database will be overwritten when the data is once again imported from Openwrt ToH, so the added device data would likely not survive that import process. But I wanted anyhow see how the device creation process would go.)

Currently, adding new devices is not yet implemented.

We can do it in two ways:

  1. As in OpenWrt via a bureaucracy form: https://wiki.openwrt.org/meta/create_new_dataentry_page
  2. With namespace templates like so: https://wiki.lede-project.org/toh/hwdata/example/examplebrand_examplemodel_exampleversion2 -> create page -> will be filled automatically with template -> Save -> Edit via the LEFT edit button below the dataentry box.

Test as you like, create as many new devices as you like, have fun :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think about both ways.

Quick & dirty, just for you: https://wiki.lede-project.org/meta/create_new_dataentry_page


I tried and ran into errors:

  • Platform field is ambiguous (like already discussed elsewhere). I had no hint what to enter there, so I looked model from other routers and entered "Qualcomm Atheros IPQ8065".
    • There should be some hint like "the main CPU / SoC".
  • "Supported since rev" field is strange. I tried first to enter a LEDE rXXXX revision r2114, but that gave error:"Supported Since Rev" wasn't filled in correctly. Must be like https://dev.openwrt.org/changeset/#####.
    Then I tried entering the correct LEDE changeset, but the link got rejected as the field apparently really requires a dev.openwrt.org link. The device R7800 is not yet supported by Openwrt, only by LEDE, so I had to invent a revision 99999 there.
    I feel that the field needs to be re-thought.
    • The mandatory link to Openwrt changesets should be cut, as there will be new devices that will not be created in the mostly dormant Openwrt sources.
    • But I am not sure how to enter the LEDE changeset. A https link? (to LEDE git or to LEDE Github?) , or a r2114-style revision? (but those r2114 revisions are not easily found.)
  • Finally the saving of the form failed. I got this error: Could not read template "meta:template_dataentry". Maybe it doesn't exist or you have no read permissions?

I tried this too, and could not figure it out first :frowning:

Clicking that link leads me to "This topic does not exist yet" page. Then I clicked "create this page" from the right side menu. That leads me into page that says:

  -------- >>>>>>>>  W A R N I N G  <<<<<<<<--------
                 >>>>>>>> ! <<<<<<<<
   If you can read this, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG.
   To edit this page in the only right way, do this:

Looks scary.
Then I thought that one should replace the "examples" in the link with the correct data: https://wiki.lede-project.org/toh/hwdata/netgear/netgear_r7800
And I was finally able to edit the page (as long as I did not believe the above warning text shown in the page template).
But the template in text format is difficult. There are no drop-downs etc., so entering any data is easily erroneous. I entered just the device name and a few key data. Then I was able to edit the page from the ToH GUI.

The whole namespace template process is much more difficult than the other approach, the "dataentry page". I definitely think that it should be preferred.

@hnyman Thanks for your tryout!

OK, I see that the route via namespace template is too bumpy.

I made https://wiki.lede-project.org/meta/create_new_dataentry_page work (the path to template_dataentry changed, but I forgot to change in this form). However, the template_dataentry is not yet up-to-date; will be done this evening.

[Bureaucracy form at the above link]

That's a remainder of the OpenWrt days of this page. Updated to LEDE commits now.

I tweaked up the Create New Dataentry Page. Mostly formatting and an editorial pass. Comments, please!


I'd remove the "step-by-step" from the "Step-by-Step Instructions" title, leave just "Instructions".

Apart from that, it's cool.

Initial problem of double dataentries solved (yesss!:), therefore no test-edits needed any more.

Topic closed!