LEDE Table of Hardware: Review of dataentry fields

I noticed that there is a field "OWrt Forum Topic URL":
E.g. https://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?id=46717

But there is no such field for LEDE Forum Topic URL.
e.g. for R7800 there is already such a thread started by me...

That's simply due to very little threads exists in the LEDE forum currently, and the column would be 99% empty.
In the dataentries, the field "LEDE Forum Topic URL" already exists. We (you?:)) can add it to the datatables any time we like.

You might also just rename the existing field.
Either "LEDE/Openwrt forum topic URL" or just "Forum topic URL".

Strictly speaking, all OWrt stuff that is currently in the dataentries is purely for information only and could/should later be removed.

Would "Bluetooth" as a new field be of any interest?

Possible values: 3.0, 4.0, BLE, ...?

We have the "WLAN hardware" field, therefore the question: Is it important to know the Bluetooth hardware used?

[quote="tmomas, post:45, topic:48, full:true"]Would "Bluetooth" as a new field be of any interest?[/quote]Theoretically (for the future) yes, but I don't think there is more than a hand-few devices in the ToH with Bluetooth at the moment.

I opened a new thread for the final round of dataentry review: LEDE Table of Hardware: Review of dataentry fields - final round

Please let me know your comments and thoughts before the final dataentry creation.