LEDE Table of Hardware: Dataentries updated


maybe we can add a flag "PENDING" if there is a PR already in progress to add gluon support


How can I add the Gluon flag to a device?

I tried editing the data entry, but there is no gluon-support option field in devices that have no such flag already. I tried to add the broken flag here: https://openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/netgear/netgear_wnr2200_v3

Those are all supported devices (and targets) with broken Flag:

/gluon/targets$ grep "# BROKEN" *
ar71xx-generic:# BROKEN: MAC address uniqueness issues
ar71xx-generic:device netgear-wndrmac wndrmac # BROKEN: Untested
ar71xx-generic:device netgear-wnr2200 wnr2200 WNR2200 # BROKEN: Untested
ar71xx-generic:device tp-link-tl-wr810n-v1 tl-wr810n-v1 # BROKEN: Untested
ar71xx-generic:device tp-link-archer-c25-v1 archer-c25-v1 # BROKEN: OOM with 5GHz enabled in most environments
ar71xx-generic:device tp-link-archer-c58-v1 archer-c58-v1 # BROKEN: OOM with 5GHz enabled in most environments
ar71xx-generic:device tp-link-archer-c59-v1 archer-c59-v1 # BROKEN: IBSS meshing not working
ar71xx-generic:device tp-link-archer-c60-v1 archer-c60-v1 # BROKEN: OOM with 5GHz enabled in most environments
ar71xx-generic:device tp-link-re355 re355-v1 # BROKEN: OOM with 5GHz enabled in most environments if device is 64M RAM variant
ar71xx-generic:alias ubiquiti-nanobeam-m5 # BROKEN: Untested
ar71xx-generic:device ubiquiti-ls-sr71 ubnt-ls-sr71 # BROKEN: Untested
ar71xx-tiny:device tp-link-tl-wr802n-v1 tl-wr802n-v1 # BROKEN: Untested
ramips-mt7621:# BROKEN: No AP+IBSS support (plus individual issues)
ramips-mt7621:device d-link-dir-860l-b1 dir-860l-b1 # BROKEN: 2.4 GHz Mesh unreliable
ramips-mt7621:device netgear-wndr3700v5 wndr3700v5 # BROKEN: Untested
ramips-mt7621:device zbt-wg3526-16m zbt-wg3526-16M # BROKEN: Untested
ramips-mt7621:device zbt-wg3526-32m zbt-wg3526-32M # BROKEN: Untested
sunxi-cortexa7:device lemaker-banana-pro sun7i-a20-bananapro # BROKEN: WiFi chip not supported
sunxi-cortexa7:device lamobo-r1 sun7i-a20-lamobo-r1 # BROKEN: AP+IBSS and AP+11s not working
targets.mk:$(eval $(call GluonTarget,ar71xx,mikrotik)) # BROKEN: no sysupgrade support
targets.mk:$(eval $(call GluonTarget,brcm2708,bcm2710)) # BROKEN: Untested
targets.mk:$(eval $(call GluonTarget,ipq806x)) # BROKEN: unstable wifi drivers
targets.mk:$(eval $(call GluonTarget,mvebu,cortexa9)) # BROKEN: No AP+IBSS or 11s support


Normally you would edit dataentries via the lower LEFT edit button below the dataentry.
However, since the datafield for Gluon support is not implemented in all dataentries, this won't work.

Instead of the standard way of editing a dataentry (lower LEFT edit button), you have to edit the complete dataentry page via the edit button on the upper right edge of the page and add the datafield manually above the Target datafield:


Once that is done, you can edit the dataentry via the lower left edit button.


could you add "unknown" to all dataentries where it is missing with a script? that would make it easyer for more unexperienced wiki users to add devices.


I added all broken flags from the list above.


FYI - I adjusted the filter in https://openwrt.org/toh/views/toh_gluon_supported a bit and set it to

filter : Gluon support!=

This allows for filtering via the dynfilters (the white boxes on top of the columns).


Now the option "gluon support" can be edited via the "edit" button at the bottom of a details page too with input fields now.

But devices that are missing the line

Gluon gluon_support    : Yes # Yes, No, Broken, unknown

don't have the input field to add this.

I guess all other devices would need this line to be added now:

Gluon gluon_support    : unknown # Yes, No, Broken, unknown

Is there a default template, that is used for new devices? I couldn't find one, seems like hardcoded. But I added it to the example at https://openwrt.org/meta/template_dataentry_background


Right. Will be done with the next release update of the dataentries.
Until then, you know how to add this to the dataentries, should there be the need for doing so.