LEDE Raspberry Pi Compatible USB Ethernet Dongles

Anybody know where I could find a list of LEDE compatible USB Ethernet (and WiFi) dongles for the Raspberry Pi? Or even any known working chipsets to look for? It doesn't seem as though the standard RPi hardware compatibility lists are useful...

Unfortunately there is no list. I have proposed similar in the past, however there was no support.

You can find a number of 2.4G wifi adapters, but very few if any 5G devices. You can use wikidevi as a resource to check to see what the drivers are for the compatible RPI devices and then look at the list of LEDE KMOD packages to see if the device is also supported in LEDE.

ebay search for usb3 ethernet adapter, they are usually gigabit realtek, ~8$ ~15$ with hub ports (some 1gb/s some 100mb/s)

You should find as "OpenWRT compatible usb ethernet adapter" "LEDE compatible usb ethernet adapter".. as this is a software compatibility thing and not Raspberry Pi compatibilty thing.

Thanks for the responses. It turns out that an Ethernet dongle I already own, but hadn't tried, is Realtek RTL8153 based. I'm using it now to write this response and it seems to be working well.

So if you're running the ROOter (GoldenOrb_Build2017-07-01) version of LEDE on an Raspberry Pi, the Linksys USB3GIG V1 works out of the box! Add a new interface (I named mine simply WAN), set it to DHCP and assign it to the wan firewall zone.

Many thanks for the feedback -- and to the developers of ROOter, LEDE and OpenWRT! Great stuff.