LEDE project registration on Google

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LEDE project is very hard to find on Google because all words are common : "LEDE" is too close to "LED" and "Project" is very general. Google algorithm does not work very well.

Do you provide Google a suitable sitemap.xml? I searched it but could not find it.

If you need good registration, you need a sitemap.xml.

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There is also no meta information for https://lede-project.org.
The meta description tag is just missing, and the meta keywords tag doesn't contain relevant information.

It's one big mediawiki web-site, if you guys are willing to help you're welcome to create missing pages and/or submit modifications to the index page thru playground. Just let @tmomas know.

The first 9 hits are quite relevant. What's the problem?

OK, my message stems back.
I tested again and LEDE is now the first result on Google.

To get a high Google rank, you need to create a Google sitemap and submit it to Google.
This is done by the wiki software, which should submit a sitemap automatically.

There should be one sitemap per host:

For example:

Real examples:
Pages jaunes : http://boutique.pagesjaunes.fr/sitemap.xml
Matériel.net : http://www.materiel.net/sitemap.xml

Commercial sites don't provide a complete sitemap. But a free software project like LEDE can provide a complete sitemap with ALL pages on the wiki. Generally, there should be a plugin on the wiki providing a sitemap.

If you don't provide proper sitemaps, google will crawl LEDE website and the resulting pages will be downrated by Google rank algorithm. Also sites without a sitemap are never 100% indexed in Google. Sites with a sitemap can reach 100% indexed in Google.

OpenWRT does not seem to have a sitemap. If LEDE-PROJECT provides a sitemap, it will probably beat OpenWRT on each user request when the same information is available on LEDE-PROJECT/OpenWRT.

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Already implemented since months.