LEDE / OpenWrt wiki merge

Short status update:

  • devicepages (incl. language namespaces) transfered to openwrt.org/toh/
  • doc namespace (incl. language namespaces) transfered to openwrt.org
  • media (pictures etc.) transfered to openwrt.org

To do:

  • Language namespaces differ from old to new wiki -> merge old language namespaces into new ones
  • merge doc/docs namespaces (which one to keep, doc or docs?)
  • check devicepages for links to missing pages and either import them or update the link
  • much more stuff...

Thanks a lot for you effort on this!

@tmomas... Am I correct that https://lede-project.org uses the LEDE theme, but points at the same data files as the OpenWrt.org site? If so, you're a genius! Thanks.

Not my achievement, see jow's posting above: LEDE / OpenWrt wiki merge :slight_smile:

The wiki is the same (=LEDE wiki), but the adress is new (openwrt.org). And in the meantime enriched with some stuff from wiki.openwrt.org

Mind the subtile differences:

  • wiki.openwrt.org = old OpenWrt wiki
  • openwrt.org = former LEDE wiki (+additions from old OWrt wiki) = new OpenWrt wiki

Is it only me who is experiencing this?

  • FF58.0.2, openwrt.org, not logged in -> OpenWrt wiki theme (as it should be)
  • FF58.0.2, openwrt.org, logged in (admin) -> LEDE wiki theme (should be OpenWrt wiki theme)
  • Chrome, openwrt.org, not logged in -> OpenWrt wiki theme (as it should be)
  • Chrome, openwrt.org, logged in (normal user) -> OpenWrt wiki theme (as it should be)
  • Chrome, openwrt.org, logged in (admin) -> LEDE wiki theme (should be OpenWrt wiki theme)

Is there still a connection to lede-project via github?

Yes, both openwrt.org and lede-project.org are linked on github as OAuth applications in their respective organizations.

which means: when loggin in to lede-project.org, I should get LEDE theme; when I log in to openwrt.org I should get the OpenWrt theme... What I don't understand: where does that CSS magic happen that makes openwrt.org show the LEDE theme, despite the fact that it has been set to OpenWrt theme in the wiki configuration?

Even more puzzling: I have a copy of openwrt.org running at home for testing purposes. Even there, on my local copy, when logged in as admin (password login, no github login) I see the LEDE theme...

Got it: We still had a plugin installed which set a user dependant theme.
Disabled it and the correct theme is shown now.

Thanks @tmomas. The changes are what I was looking for! I think this change will help many user find the information they would be looking for.

Happy to see the progress the past few weeks.

@bobafetthotmail and @tmomas... is there a review process for wiki updates?

Pages I've updated if there is a review process in place.

I reenabled the lede-project.org -> openwrt.org redirect now, lets see if this straightens things out.

I think that was not necessary, since I found the culprit:

Well we have to do anyway in order to avoid duplicate content issues.

In general, I'm seeing every change to the wiki and do a quick check.

Regarding your edits mentioned: No need to link to the techdata pages, no need to create separate tables for hardware highlights or firmware downloads, since that information can easily be shown by using the data already present in the ToH. Not all devicepages have the datatables implemented yet; they are still missing in wrt160n + e1000 devicepages.

I was modifying the data that was present to provide information that was immediately lacking. If we can pull the information from ToH then even better.

I disagree with not cross linking. One of the most useful assets in a wiki is when you cross-link related and relevant pages. I would expect general users would likely identify their device and stay in device related pages, (less likely to go to the ToH page again). I would expect the device pages to have or at least link-to relevant and related information, the techdata page would be one of those key references.

If the process to implement datatables is straightforward I'd be more than happy to help out.

Hehe, you don't seem to know the datatables :slight_smile:
No manual linking to dataentries necessary, since that link is already included in the datatables (same "View/Edit" field as in the ToH).

Examples (some fields not working yet; will take care of that on the weekend):

We need to revive the discussion about devicepage cleanup (where was that again...?). We had a draft of a new devicepage layout somwhere...
Once we know how to clean up the devicepages, any helping hand will be more than welcome!

Found the draft again:

Old discussion about devicepages:

-> To be further discussed

Good sleuthing! I'm glad you found these templates. (I had forgotten they were on the OpenWrt site...) This was what I was thinking about with my "third choice" in the note from earlier this month.

Do you have a set of "next steps"? Or is that the next big discussion? Thanks.

Pure luck. I thought they could be in the playground, and in less than a minute I found them :slight_smile:

Next steps... good question.

Updated todos:

  • Language namespaces differ from old to new wiki -> merge old language namespaces into new ones
    • Do we need zh-cn AND zh-tw? Can they be combined into zh only?
    • Language namespaces in general do not show up as in wiki.openwrt.org or lede-project.org -> search for root-cause
  • @bobafetthotmail merge doc/docs namespaces (which one to keep, doc or docs?)
    which pages in doc/ are redundant (already present in docs/) and can be deleted, and which pages need to be kept/merged?
  • check devicepages for links to missing wiki pages, and either import them from oldwiki (-> let me know which, I'll do it, including page history) or update the link to the respective page on openwrt.org
  • check devicepages with existing datatables for faulty filters (model names / versions may have changed slightly during/after the conversion from OpenWrt -> LEDE wiki). Currently, several datatables show "Nothing found" -> Adjust filters so that the correct data is displayed in the resulting datatable. Use https://openwrt.org/toh/start, go through all 609 devices yuck with devicepages listed, and check if there are datatables present and if they show correct data for the device.
    That's where we could use some help from interested OpenWrt / LEDE users.
    Not sure though if we should combine this effort with the renovation of the devicepages. Seeing pages with "Nothing found" makes me think it is worth investing some time in a short term solution.

I put this also on https://openwrt.org/wiki/wiki-merge to keep track of what has been done and what still needs to be done. Feel free to add anything I missed.

I dislike the language namespaces. Their contents will get stale sooner or later, so their actual value is questionable.

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