LEDE / OpenWrt wiki merge

Wiki editing tasks, no. I have not updated the LEDE wiki but have for OpenWRT when I find things I can fix.

I also wouldn't discourage new users from making suggestions and wanting to help since they will mention and point out problems that veteran users will no have the eye for anymore.

Keeping in mind that there are now posting rules for the wiki...


I believe my suggestions are meet the requirements.

My suggestions are attempting to correct issues on points 1, 2 and 5 on the TOH page, (which I do not have access to modify). My main intention is to fix the issues that I encounter to make the next users experience easier. TOH is the first page that most users will go to and should not misdirect users.


View/Edit leads to the dataentry page, not the devicepage.
No chance to get that renamed, because it is perfect as is. If it's not broken, don't fix it.

LEDE columns: will be removed shortly.

The devicepages are the first source of information, at least they should be.
The fact that many devicepages are a mess that has grown over time is sufficiently known -> different topic on its own
The disconnect between the OpenWrt wiki devicepages and the LEDE ToH will be fixed shortly (I hope).

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https://oldwiki.openwrt.org/ pointing to /var/www/oldwiki would be nice to have to keep a RO copy of the old OpenWrt wiki.

BTW: I switched https://openwrt.org/ to the OpenWrt Theme.

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Thomas, I know it wasn't you personally who made that decision, but if I knew ahead of time that's how the site/wiki would look like, I wouldn't have contributed. I can't see myself contributing to something with that theme now -- I just don't think people in general will be absorbing much information from the web-site, so why waste my time. The banner tag line says Wireless Freedom, design makes me think Ham Radio.

  • I don't think I've ever seen a modern site with black text on gray-ish background. It looks very dated.
  • Black text on gray-ish background doesn't make reading easy, actually makes my eyes water.
  • Dark-blue visited links on gray-ish background are barely distinguishable from black text.

I understand that it was a demand by a group of developers and you guys had to do it -- what can we do now to convince these devs that people who actually use the web-site/wiki and contribute to it want the fresher LEDE Project-type theme/look?

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Complain directly to them?

Based on mailing list discussion in May 2017, it is pretty easy to figure out who were the "Openwrt-side" guys whose demand it was to have the old Openwrt-like look & feel.

Selected quotes from the discussion in lede-adm and lede-dev:

  • update the landing page to have the same look & feel as the current openwrt landing page

Well, I like the L&F of lede-project.org better - but it's not something worth bikeshedding over, so meh, fine... :wink:

Well, the OpenWrt one might be from 2000s, but the LEDE one is from '95
:wink: I think the CSS jow did for the OpenWrt forum looks the best TBH :slight_smile:


  • update the landing page to have the same look & feel as the current
    openwrt landing page


Well, we're not wikipedia so it doesn't hurt if the site has at least some CSS :wink:

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Back to the past... [sigh]

I can't for the life of me understand why the OpenWrt wiki theme would be preferred over LEDE. So I think we are going backwards with that decision. Having said that, if that is absolutely necessary to get things going merge-wise then I guess it is a necessary evil for now. I would really really really like there to be another good hard look after the merge to see how things can be improved, including a better Wiki theme.

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Sadly I cannot help with that as I do not have control over the DNS (and I am still not entirely sure who actually has). Will ask on the mailing list.

Is the vhost already configured?

Nothing configured yet, I just put the old content there.
Should work out of the box once the subdomain is pointing there and nginx/php are configured, but I would like to leave that configuration in your hands, just because I trust you more than I trust myself in this regard :).

Short status update:

  • devicepages (incl. language namespaces) transfered to openwrt.org/toh/
  • doc namespace (incl. language namespaces) transfered to openwrt.org
  • media (pictures etc.) transfered to openwrt.org

To do:

  • Language namespaces differ from old to new wiki -> merge old language namespaces into new ones
  • merge doc/docs namespaces (which one to keep, doc or docs?)
  • check devicepages for links to missing pages and either import them or update the link
  • much more stuff...

Thanks a lot for you effort on this!

@tmomas... Am I correct that https://lede-project.org uses the LEDE theme, but points at the same data files as the OpenWrt.org site? If so, you're a genius! Thanks.

Not my achievement, see jow's posting above: LEDE / OpenWrt wiki merge :slight_smile:

The wiki is the same (=LEDE wiki), but the adress is new (openwrt.org). And in the meantime enriched with some stuff from wiki.openwrt.org

Mind the subtile differences:

  • wiki.openwrt.org = old OpenWrt wiki
  • openwrt.org = former LEDE wiki (+additions from old OWrt wiki) = new OpenWrt wiki

Is it only me who is experiencing this?

  • FF58.0.2, openwrt.org, not logged in -> OpenWrt wiki theme (as it should be)
  • FF58.0.2, openwrt.org, logged in (admin) -> LEDE wiki theme (should be OpenWrt wiki theme)
  • Chrome, openwrt.org, not logged in -> OpenWrt wiki theme (as it should be)
  • Chrome, openwrt.org, logged in (normal user) -> OpenWrt wiki theme (as it should be)
  • Chrome, openwrt.org, logged in (admin) -> LEDE wiki theme (should be OpenWrt wiki theme)

Is there still a connection to lede-project via github?

Yes, both openwrt.org and lede-project.org are linked on github as OAuth applications in their respective organizations.

which means: when loggin in to lede-project.org, I should get LEDE theme; when I log in to openwrt.org I should get the OpenWrt theme... What I don't understand: where does that CSS magic happen that makes openwrt.org show the LEDE theme, despite the fact that it has been set to OpenWrt theme in the wiki configuration?

Even more puzzling: I have a copy of openwrt.org running at home for testing purposes. Even there, on my local copy, when logged in as admin (password login, no github login) I see the LEDE theme...

Got it: We still had a plugin installed which set a user dependant theme.
Disabled it and the correct theme is shown now.