Lede - openwrt torguard vpn setup Tutorial

For those who might need a guide / tutorial for TorGuard VPN on OpenWrt/ Lede - you can go to TorGuard Forum where I just posted tutorial / guide. The title of the tutorial is -
by directnupe - this guide was put together with the assistance of TorGuard Technical Support. So - VPN is guaranteed to work if you follow the instructions step by step. I put this together as I could not find a TorGuard OpenWrt / Lede OpenVpn Guide anywhere.
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cant you just post the link here? lol

Can do here it is and I posted the LEDE - OPENWRT TORGUARD VPN SETUP tutorial on this forum as well.

any of these will take you to the Guide / Tutorial - Peace

Greatly appreciated :stuck_out_tongue: