LEDE/OpenWrt Merger thoughts?

My wish would be to not copy the OpenWRT wiki, because there ist so much old
crap in it. So many old versions of something, not updated in years, and
redundant information especially in the device specific pages. Yes if you
search long enough you will probably find the solution, but boy does it waste
a lot of time to get there...

I would agree if we had the manpower to go through it and only pull the 'good
stuff', but without that time, something that takes time to find the right
answer is better than not having the answer there. OpenWRT has tried a couple
times to declare everything 'legacy' and start from scratch (at least, that's
what it's looked like from the outside), and it hasn't worked well due to the
manpower shortage.

David Lang

While I don't really care about the name as a whole I think keeping LEDE or whatever they settle for is a good thing. The OpenWRT name doesn't really represent the project goal(s) anymore and it would also be a good change since you would get rid of loads of inaccurate information as many guides/tutorials doesn't even tell which version they are written for etc. Same goes with the wiki, review each submission as it's cluttered with lots of incorrect information and the layout is very inconsistent.

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