LEDE on TP-Link WR902AC v3

For the EU version WR902AC v3, is it possible to install LEDE and can one return it back to stock firmware easily when needed?

Is LEDE stable enough for both CLI/GUI ?

Anyone successfully flashed LEDE on v3?
Is possible to return back to stock?

HI ! I just installed OpenWRT on my TL-WR902AC v3, but failed...
Solution to go back to stock firmware :
Step 1:
Send stock firmware to router with 'nc' command (see this link : https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/howto/generic.failsafe#flash_new_firmware_in_failsafe_mode)

Step 2:
Cut 257 bytes from head of this firmware with :
dd if=stock_firmware.bin of=valid_firmware.bin skip=257 bs=512

Step 3:
mtd -r write tplink.bin firmware

This works like a charm for me !


Thanks for sharing your feedback.
Is someone working on a fix as its already working for v1?

You think v1 is compatible with v3 ?

the current Lede v3 image bricks the router, I would not install v1.

v1 and v3 are totally diffent hardware. Take a look at:
V1 Hardware
you will find that it is

Target: ar71xx
Subtarget: generic
Package architecture: mips_24kc

V3 Hardware

Target: ramips
Subtarget: mt76x8
Package architecture: mipsel_24kc

It will never ever be compatible!

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I installed the firmware (for v3), bricked and after TFTP recovery with the [...]-tftp-recovery.bin, all working fine, but this is an empty OpenWrt firmware.
You do install every packages you want, like luci to add web interface!
Ask me if you want more details

Can u please inform, what all settings & steps you have followed to flash the openwrt firmware in TP-Link WR902AC v3 via TFTP ?

Sorry, I have not seen reply notification...
To install OpenWRT on wr902ac v3 :

  • Try to install from stock firmware UI
  • The installation will fail
  • Configure ip onto your computer to receive tftp requests from the bricked router
  • start tftp server pointing to the [...]-tftp-recovery.bin listening on xxxx.66 ip
  • hold reset button until the router rebooting
  • Now, you have a working OpenWRT firmware!

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