LEDE on QEMU, no WAN interface

Hello. I have LEDE running in QEMU on my i5-5200U computer. The Host OS is openSUSE Leap 42.3. I have two bridged adapters set up br-lan (which has a static IP) and br-wan (which gets it IP via DHCP from my cable modem). The intent is to receive traffic via br-lan, route using LEDE, and connect the internet via br-wan.

I'm passing the two devices to LEDE, but its not really picking up the bridged eth1 (br-wan). If I enter the "ifconfig" command in the LEDE console, it shows: br-lan, eth0 (which has the same MAC as br-lan), eth1, and lo. When I use LEDE's qemustart script and just entering a similar command from the shell, I get basically the same results: br-lan works and br-wan doesn't. I tried entering "user" for the second adapter like some examples on openwrt wiki and LEDE wiki, but that just makes eth1 go away.

What am I doing wrong? br-wan can connect to the internet on the host, br-lan can be used to see the LEDE config website, but there is a missing link. I would be grateful for any ideas you might have.

I did get this to work. I'm not satisfied that this is the best solution, but using net nic / net user for the wan interface got me online.