Lede on MyBookLive Single

Installed the firmware also installed the transmission and configured it minidnna but after the device is restarted all the torrents are reset and minidlna new one starts to check the files that need to be done so that all the settings are saved after the reboot?!

Hi! I had a MyBookLive around disconnected because stock firmware it is just too shitty for me, can you give me some point to a way to do the same as you and put OpenWRT or LEDE as you did? I read about installing debian but I couldn't follow the instructions properly, if you can do a clonezilla image of the currently running will be amazing!

About that problem of settings check running df -Th may be it is on readonly or there is a firstrun script somewhere too.

Connected a blank disk to the computer on linux system downloaded the
firmware and put it in the home directory opened the terminal and entered
the command dd if ="you name firmware" of = / dev / sdX where the X-letter
of your disk needs to be opened gparted and viewed

see after installation go to disk in the folder /etc/config/network node
and fix the static option on dhcp

You can read more here

Amazing, have you solved the save settings issue?
This is the image? https://downloads.lede-project.org/releases/17.01.1/targets/apm821xx/sata/lede-17.01.1-apm821xx-sata-MyBookLiveSingle-ext4-rootfs.img.gz should just ungzip and dd to drive. Just that?

There is no question of the settings remains yes so unpack it and put it in
the home directory and run the sudo dd

Link, about on how to turn off and spin-off script [Solved] Poweroff My Book Live (instead of reboot)

@armik, Thanks! I was able to install it succesfully!, can you or someone else if it know how to (jump to bold text question):

Hi, I just put 17.01.1 on a 6Tb drive and it loaded just fine (I had a 2Tb drive just in case it does not is compatible, but since I have the 6Tb drive around I wanted to test it on this) I was able to use gdisk, selected MBR (to copy current partition layout) and then I created a third partition using the remaining disk space, formatted with ext4, installed samba and BAM! it works perfectly!

I used this: http://downloads.lede-project.org/releases/17.01.1/targets/apm821xx/sata/lede-17.01.1-apm821xx-sata-MyBookLiveSingle-ext4-rootfs.img.gz

I'm trying to create GPT table now (I'm reading how to do that using current MBR as base) and I just found out that there is 17.01.2 available.

this is the newer image: http://downloads.lede-project.org/releases/17.01.2/targets/apm821xx/sata/lede-17.01.2-apm821xx-sata-MyBookLiveSingle-ext4-rootfs.img.gz

Do you know how can I "sysupgrade" MyBookLive to newer LEDE version?

My insticts tell me that I should try in a Debian PC (because of the resulting 256mb filesize) to first wget the file, later gunzip then loop .img file into a block device to be able to mount rootfs partition from .img file, then create a tar from rootfs contents and put in on the MyBookLive and untar all files on root partition... Is that correct?

Edit: OK, I just tested this: I dd the image again to the drive, I connected again to default, I use gdisk but instead to copy the MBR layout and re create again the rest-of-drive third partition, I chose the GPT corrupt one, and write it again.... I mounted the third partition again, All previous data there, no data loss at all. Great!

Just as you do with any other machine. Download the image (I would suggest, to /tmp) and run sysupgrade -v <image>.gz (don't unpack it first).

Be warned, though: Just as you observe, you will lose any additional partition table data you created, the partition table will be overwritten and reset to a "clean" install. You can recreate your partiitons with the exact same size and location, fdisk will notice that there is already a file system in the "new old" partition and ask you whether to discard it, and you should answer "no". Then your partitions should just "come back into existance."

But this is not ideal at all. If you look at its code, sysupgrade does contain a facility to automatically backup and restore partition data. But for some reason it does not engage.

Amazing, I didn't know that... Then sysupgrade will preserve /etc/config, that is the only difference. Great, I just re image it and I think that is the same, just I had to reconfigure since the config file were lost.


Correct, even down to fstab and samba configurations (you need to re-install samba of course). Once you recreate the data partition and reboot, your system will be right back again, recognizing the partition, auto-mount it (if configured so) and run samba off it.

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