Lede on Linksys EA8500 ip problem

I am testing the LEDE firmware on Linksys EA8500. It is getting insatlled easily, and it works immediately on the default router ip. I can download packages and all.

As soon as I am going to move it as the main router (taking the place of an archer c7) replacing the ip address to ssh and luci get's locked out.

All the other ips (> are working like a charm. Even the other networks doesn't have any problem.

Just the very first ip is loosing all communication. I can ping it, but I can't enter in ssh, luci or even telnet. Probable internet would work too if I could complete the setup at that time.

Can you help me? Is it a known bug?

  • Telnet won't work, that's been deprecated for a while.
  • Do you get any errors while trying SSH?
  • The Linksys is the only router on the network? You have the TP-Link disconnected?

This night there was a new trunk and just because I was not wanting to reconfigure all my network I tried it. Surprisingly it worked.

In every case, just for sake of completeness, I wasn't getting any ssh error apart the connection error in putty (it was never arriving to the ssh server). Obviously it was the only router in the network (the router WAS the network itself at that time, was still unconnected from my main network and with wifi off in the last test). The strange thing was just that ip was blocking all.

But let's say it is solved. Then I discovered three more issues compared to CC 15.05 that are quite blocking for me and they are regarding dnsmasq, ipset and mwan3.

I reported all of them in the LEDE bugs tracker: 269 270 271

Sorry didn't see your reply. As for the SSH connection, due to entropy it might take a bit for the SSH server to come up. You need to give it a few minutes sometimes.