LEDE on Buffalo WSR-1166DHP

Anyone using LEDE on Buffalo WSR-1166DHP?
Can you share your user experience, please?

OpenWRT, It works great on my buffalo WSR-1166DHP.

I just install the openWRT 18.06.5 since December 2019.

And today just upgraded to the latest 19.07.01, everything goes fine.

openWRT both versions makes my router Wifi 2.4Ghz much more faster than the factory firmware (but it still slower than my Elecom router).

The 18.06.5 having some problem with wifi 5Ghz, it went down whenever configure anything with it. So I have to run some shell command to force the 5Ghz up. But I did not tested in 19.07.01.

I followed the installation instruction from this topic comment post #12


Good luck.