LEDE not working on WRT3200ACM

I've tried to use the latest pre-compiled factory file.
I've build my own firmware from latest trunk and tried that.

Both the wrt3200acm simply gets blinking LED but DHCP isn't working nor do I know which address it's
LAN side (Tried everything in the range 192.168.1/24 and 192.168.2/24)

I then flashed back to stock firmware and tried this one:

runs out of the box. But unfortunately not everything I need is supported. Looks nice and promising though. But I need some packages which aren't supported on that version.

openwrt compiled my own firmware just now. Also works out of the box. But some say openWRT isn't maintained anymore and should use LEDE.

So anyone knowing a reason why LEDE doesn't work on the wrt3200acm?

Just installing factory over stock firmware doesn't work.

Todays trunk leaves my WRT3200ACM unreachable, no answer to ping, and cannot Telnet in, "connection refused".

Flipped back to stock with "on off" process.

i had yesterdays trunk (27.11. in the morning) and suceeded the first time to get LEDE configured as a router.
As i'm using pppoE i first put it on my old router and installed a bunch of packages. the i configured pppoE (and wireless etc.)

I had an issues like yours with the firmware "before", where DHCP seemed not to work, but as a workaorund i configured my laptop with an adress 1.99 and was able to ssh in the box.
Maybe you could try one of the newer builds.

Is see now theres already a new build.
Is there any history of old builds available?

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there's a history of the committed changes to the source of course. If you want to read it all. There's no quick summarize of changes though. And the comments, changes, per trunk commit are not all understandable to those that don't maintain the code. So it's actually meant as information for the other maintainers and developers.

anyway, LEDE on other devices I tested has a slight performance boost over openWRT. But that's so minimal on my devices, that it could be coincidence. I just like LEDE over openWRT because it's more actively maintained!

openWRT still gets a few updates, but hardly any. Doesn't look dead, but looks like it's dying.

And I like the LEDE web interface much more.

Anyway, on the wrt3200acm I think the router is fairly new. So we just have to wait a few more weeks.
By dec 1 2016 linksys will hand out 60 routers for free, to the developers of the LEDE/openWRT/DD-wrt so I'm sure after that the support for this device will grow fast.

you mean Git commits i suppose. It's good to see which changes were made.
But what i meant was a history of trunk builds somewhere to d/l and test.

Regarding the 3200acm: was already regretting that i got this too new one. took me nearly a weeks evenings to get that build up.
I was using DD-WRT, OpenWRT and HyperWRT with a WRT54gl quite some years ago and it was many years our "unbreakable" office router (and even now this device is serving on a collegues DSL Link..
The 3200acm is replacing a FritzBox, with which capabilities in hosts blocking and filtering are to small.

I hope the 3200acm will serve as long .. this week is the first longer test esp. wifi.

On the long run the wrt3200acm is the best you can get for the price currently. I'm very sure of that. I own several netgears, linksys, dlink and asus routers of the generations 2012-2016 and none of them comes at the CPU power of the wrt3200acm.

The wireless coverage of the wrt1900acs was already unsurpassed and I covered my whole home plus basement under a floor heating water system, garage and the whole garden and street in front of the house including the attic 3 high with just 1 router.

I did attach some 21dBi antennas to it though. But none of the previous routers of any brand was able to cover all at once! I had to use 4 AP up to then but with the wrt1900acs I did it all with just 1 AP(inside the wrt1900acs)

Also I have permanently over 20 clients on the wireless to the wrt1900acs.

My preliminary results with the wrt3200acm is that it also outperforms the wrt1900acs with the wireless.
better coverage, faster, BUT.. not stable yet! firmware is still with bugs.

it recovers from that automatically within 20 minutes. but you have a "hole" of 20 minutes 2 to 3 times per day where the whole wireless is "out"

you might want to "keep alive" to any wireless client and trigger a reboot. that makes the outages less then 1 minute as it boots up really fast!

I'm sure in the next few months, this beast will proof you made the right choice to buy this one, after the firmware updates took care of everything.

it's common these days, products are sold in "beta" and first the public beta will make the final :slight_smile:

new build - no new commits from what I see. I have a static IP on my Laptop.

I am running DDWRT - BS last one, it is really solid, and super fast.

OpenWrt trunk runs extremely well for a day...............

Waiting to try LEDE...................

well it's working now perfect with latest trunk 13 dec 2016

Running LEDE trunk.

Better then stock, ddwrt, openwrt.

Fast and furious !

Glad I bought the router, and many thanks to the LEDE development team.

Hi there, I'm currently using DD-WRT but have found terrible issues with Wifi and duplicate MAC addresses.

Can anyone point me in the direction on the stable release of LEDE along with some instructions of how to load it if not possible through the DD-WRT gui?

clone latest git
make menuconfig and pick wrt3200acm
incl everything you want openvpn, nat6, mailserver to name just a few as example compile and install

note, the much reported wlan crash bug i dont have with my personal lede trunk configuration

so lede is pretty stable on that one

Sounds a bit too advanced (too much room for error) for a git / software noob like me.

Anyone know what the rango release here https://lede-project.org/toh/views/toh_fwdownload is like?

You can grab a pre-release snapshot from the 17.01 tree here.

Expect an RC1 build as well the coming days.

In general, we recommend you go back to stock, then flash LEDE. Not directly from DD-Wrt.

Ace thanks for this!

Stupidly I flashed both partitions with DD-WRT and couldn't get a TFTP server to work on either PC or mac so haven't been able to reflash with serial TTL.

Is is possible to flash back to stock from within LEDE?

You will probably have to force with sysupgrade -F in ssh, but should work.

sysupgrade -F works on the wrt3200acm. Did this myself once.
Generally, I always advise to revert back to stock between the various wrt versions.

Especially with DD-wrt as they do some memory allocation tricks on several models.
Out of 32kb they make a 64kb ram.

Never looked really into what they are doing, but just having stock firmware telling me 32kb while dd-wrt telling me 64kb
says enough that it's not standard and you have to watch out using dd-wrt.

these builds work well on my wrt3200