LEDE & Internet radio project & bridging?

Can anyone assist in configuring my LEDE installed WDR3600 and the internet radio project that can be found on mightyohm

I have this thing running on a different router using openwrt. However, i can't seem to get even the bridge or AP process working with LEDE. This is my first attempt at anything with LEDE.

I want to connect from my LEDE-WDR3600 to my "mainrouter" over 2.4ghz. I can get the LEDE-wdr3600 to see the internet from within the LEDE-WDR3600. But anything connected (ie my desktop computer) to a LAN port on the LEDE-WDR3600 doesn't see the internet or anything else. Also anything connected to my "mainrouter" doesn't have access to the LEDE-WDR3600.

Any ideas for this newbie would be great.

The bridge AP has nothing to do with the internet radio project, some people is going to get confused with your title. And the bridge AP issue is explained at length at https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/howto/clientmode.

I was able to get the bridging working using info from this page.

Now, I'll try the rest of the radio project. Anyone have any tips?

I was able to getting working using the info from this page

And then modifying the /etc/mdp.conf and setting the output to ALSA