LEDE in the Wiki

Since LEDE fork is now history, shouldn't it be enough to keep its mention only in the FAQ page https://openwrt.org/about and remove it from the rest of the topics that mention OpenWrt/LEDE project? It's just that this duality mentioned in some topics in the wiki seems to add more confusion for people who think there are two products.

This topic also probably needs some editing. I propose that the main title becomes About the OpenWrt project and the mention of LEDE moves to subtitle LEDE: A reboot of the OpenWrt community.

And while we are there, the new logo should be placed there, I think.


What do you think, @tmomas?

I agree, we should put LEDE in the "archives" and not actively mention it in the documentation (except where specifically needed).

A quick check reveals the following matching pagenames:

green = LEDE is OK since those pages are talking about a specific 17.01 release.
red = LEDE NOK, i.e. LEDE should be removed

Many findings in the language namespaces. Do we have do we have users who are natively speaking these languages who could take care of the update?
Most likely it's not just removing LEDE, but also a general update could be necessary.

There are quite some more findings in the fulltext search.
Could be as simple as removing LEDE, could be difficult if instructions need to be completely rewritten, depending on the page or device. Needs to be reviewed page by page and looks like quite a bit of work.

Flyspray should then be updated too:

I agree. I see this in the forum here and there.

Good idea!

@richb-hanover-priv @ynezz @jow @hauke What is your opinion on this?


@vgaetera, @eduperez