LEDE in PicoStation M2HP


I installed 17.01.2 in a PicoStation M2HP, but after a reboot, all the configuration is lost, can you help me for this issue? what could I be missed?

Thanks in advice

what do you mean by all configuration is lost?

simple, if I change the IP, save changes, apply changes, I can work with the new ip, if I install tcpdump for example, I can use it, but if I reboot the device, all the changes are lost, it has the default ip, it doesn't has the tcpdump, like a factory default was occurred

I found this from https://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/ubiquiti/picostationm2

*/!\ WARNING /!*

airOS firmware versions >5.6 have a new bootloader with an incompatible partition table!

If you install openWRT over these versions, all will seem well, but your configs will not persist after reboot.

so, I revert back to the ubiquiti firmwware, but the M2HP doesn't have version below 5.6.15, it just have 5.6.15, so which is the correct procedure for put the lede firmware in the PicoStation M2HP?

Finally I can flash correctly the firmware, I must downgrade the firmware to 5.5.10 version, after that I did a tftp withe the 17.01.2 lede firmware, the changes persists after reboot or poweroff (y)

There was a patch for Chaos Calmer which solved this issue but was never merged, will post it up later.