Lede-------how to use uclibc compiler

LEDE compiler, how to use uclibc compiler
Please tell me the details

I have succeeded in building LEDE with uclibc toolchain for my MT7621 router. pls visit my blog which is written by mandarin but you can read without any problem . Just a few changes need to be made and then you can find 'uclibc-ng' in 'make menuconfig' list and build your own system.
Btw, some libs such as libpthread, libcrypt, libdl, libm,libutil were merged into libuClibc.so.x after uclibc-ng v1.0.18. You need to create some links to it for previous precompiled openwrt-uclibc applications and make it work.
After testing, the only bug found is that the 'df' command shows wrong disk used/free space, but it does little matter any way.

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