Lede hangs WiFi under big loads

I have the newest lede firmware on my tp-link c 50 but if I download a big patch on my ps4 and simultaneously do other stuff on my pc it drops the internet but only on some devices my iPad seems to work fine. It also does this if I use BitTorrent. Does anyone have a suggestion on what I can do? It doesn’t seem to do this on stock firmware. Thx in advance.

Please be more specific: Which LEDE firmware exactly? 17.01.4 or snapshot?

The firmware is 17.01.4

Nobody has any great ideas?

Jadada, if you connect to SSH and execute TOP command before triggering large download (even Speedtest), do you see high CPU utilization?

I am having trouble with ASUS RT-N16 which has very high SIRQ (rightmost value of TOP command) while big transfers are happening, and would be interested to know if you are seeing same symptom.