LEDE from Merlin build AC68U

I am looking into the possibility of moving to LEDE from Merlin's AC68u firmware entirely so that I can use wireguard to get vastly improved throughput ffrom the router-based VPN. I can currently get close to 50mb on my overclocked AC68u with openvpn but would be hoping to get nearer my max of around 210mb.

So a couple of questions:
I read back in October that LEDE didn't have working wifi with the AC68u due to lack of drivers, of this is still the case then it's a no-go for me, I need a fully functioning router.

Does LEDE have the ability in the gui to easily assign static ip's to my connected devices, and then allocate specific
devices to be router over the wireguard vpn, while leaving other devices free to connect without going over wireguard? This is something I do with Merlin firmware for openvpn where I have set only certain devices to use the vpn. Again this is a must have for me, perhaps it is only openvpn that can do this?

Could I simply install LEDE over the top of my curent Merlin build or would I need to flash back to stock firmware first?

In reality I just want to try wireguard but Merlin's builds do not support it and he says it would need a new kernel from Asus to be able to implement it on this router (and it is not high on his priority list anyway). If there is some other way to get wireguard on it then I would try that providing it still meets the first 2 criteria above.

In LEDE 17.01.4, 5 Ghz is unsupported, and 2.4 Ghz is partially supported for the AC68U...


If WiFi is important for you, forget about LEDE for that router. If I were you I'd buy a separate access point. You'd most likely get better performance if you wall mount it...

Having said that, wireguard should be quite fast with that router.

Get two of these. They are often cheap (<$50). Use one as AP with merlin and one as router with lede. That's how I use them.

You mean 2 ac68's? How have you set them up?

Devices>merlin ac68 as ap>lede ac68 as router with wireguard>isp cable router in modem only mode?

That would mean every device has to go via wireguard i suspect?

Might be a good solution if i can make it work. Ac68's are £135 in uk though not <$50

Yes, that's how I've set it up. My isp's modem is just a modem though. It doesn't have routing abilities. So no changes needed there. You can probably do more fancy stuff in lede where you route some ips to the internet and some through vpn. I haven't tried it, but that's standard lede stuff, and not device specific. i.e., Your AP doesn't figure in that. The AP is completely transparent. At £135, they are not worth it. Get something can do everything. Or get some really cheap AP if you want to continue using your AC68U as the router. They are cheap in the US because the same router is also sold as a t-mobile router (ac-1900). It's all old stock that's being cleared out.

Yeah i am thinking i might be better off just getting a new router so i have everything in one, no point buying another ac68 at these prices. Ill have to see what the best new fully lede compatible router is (or find out if there's likely to be a good new model out soon that i can wait for, since its not urgent and i would like the best processor i can get in case i end up using openvpn anyway).

Recommending Marvell units. Most of the components are upstreamed in Linux. Basically you should have really good results with them. The wifi is not where it should be yet but the developer is working on upstream support.

The other popular platforms (ar71xx, ramips, and ipq806x) have too many non upstream components. Would not recommend.