LEDE DNS issue netgear wndr4300

I tested LEDE on my netgear wndr4300 but I experience that some dns queries don't resolve good. I checked the logfiles didn't see some strange, it seems to be related to dnsmasq 2.76. I'm using Chaos Calmer (dnsmasq 2.73) which doesn't have these dns query issues. I backported dnsmasq 2.75 and 2.76 to Chaos Calmer as a test and I seem to get the same strange dns query issues. It's not frequent. At the moment I'm trying to upgrade busybox to version 1.26.0 in LEDE to see if that solves the issue since it seems to fix some dhcp issues but I don't get it to work (opened a topic in the developer section). Anyone else experiencing this on ar71xx devices?

maybe mine is related.
i'm using lede snapshot r2790-08d73bf (WRT3200ACM) dnsmasq 2.76-6
dhcp dns configuration is using
dynamic dhcp range default from 200 .. and have 2 hosts using them. (.219 .232)
static dhcp leases have 4 hosts using the adresses ending with .31 .32 .10 .11

ping any of the dynamic dhcp hosts works all the time. (nslookup also works.)
ping any of the static hosts fails almost always, execpt i renew the dhcp lease on the hosts.
nslookup shows "no answer"

@CereS Besides resolving the localhost, do you also experience slow resolving on the internet?

Yesterday I tested with dnsmasq 2.76-7 but the same issues.

I also updated Busybox to version 1.26.1 to see if it makes a difference because some dhcp fixed were applied but it doesn't make a difference.

It seems like a regression that started after dnsmasq 2.73.

sorry for late reply at the moment everything looks fine and nslookup delivers instantly local and remote resolving results.
Running RC-2 now, though.