LEDE back to RouterOS (RB951G)

Can someone point me to the right direction, I would like to flashed back routerOS (RB951G). Netinstall couldn't detect my routerboard since its boot setting is on NAND/DHCP. How to change to ethnand and BOOTP? I tried the rbcfg package but it didnt work and it prompts an error upon issuing a command
rbcfg set boot_device ethnand.... not configured
rbcfg set boot_protocol bootp .....not configured

Thanks .

I believe your inquiry would be better answered here:



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Ok thanks, but if someone had the knowledge with the subject,, need your inputs. I will try to ask on the other forum and post it here any developments,.

I find my build unstable with RB951G.. It intermittently reboots every now and then, that is why I want to return back to routerOS. And put LEDE on my RPI which I think more stable than RB951G with LEDE..

I do. I own an RB433AH.

You never mentioned a custom build. What happens with an image from the downloads site?

Nearly the same steps are used to enter the mode used to revert to stock. If you were having trouble with that, the OEM forum is best. On my device, I had to enter this menu to switch to OpenWrt (and to overclock the CPU); but you write as if you're completely unaware of the existence of the bootloader menu.

You don't use OpenWrt to revert to stock. You use the OEM tools.

Can you point me what are the steps that you used? Maybe I missed something.
Here are the steps I did when trying to revert back to OEM.

  1. Power device by removing the power cable.
  2. Change my local IP(static) to
  3. https://wiki.mikrotik.com/wiki/Manual:Netinstall (guide)
    Unfortunately my routerboard is not detected by Netinstall. I am stuck here.
    Maybe rbcfg package is for RB4XXX device only.
    Your response is highly appreciated @lleachii.

That's why I sent you the link and the MikroTik forum page.

None of those steps make sense (except the last one), and I'm confused on why your picture shows OpenWrt. You follow ONLY the Netinstall instructions. This is why I believe you should be making your inquires in the MikroTik threads. You never boot the router, at least not on the RB433AH.

Not sure, I've never had to use it. As I've told you before:

Did you see this?

Here is a screenshot from my device doing exactly what the instructions state at: https://wiki.mikrotik.com/wiki/Manual:Netinstall


EDIT: Also, your picture shows a PuTTY screen...but it appears you SSHed via an IP address. On my device, I must be connected via serial cable, as this is all performed before the device boots up.

Openwrt/LEDE is already been installed on my Mikrotik RB951G Routerboard. And I want to revert back to RouterOS that why my screenshots are on openwrt/lede. The procedure based on guides/tuts on how to revert back to routeros from lede is to set the bootloader first to ETH and BOOTP protocol in order for the netinstall to detect my routerboard. And after a long search on the web on how to set to bootp, it points to rbcfg package but it seems that it only works on RB4XXX routerboard like the one that you have.
Anyways thanks for the time bearing with my noobness. :wink:

OpenWrt is installed on the device I pictured also...but as you see, my picture doesn't show OpenWrt. As I told you, you never boot the device.

If you insist; but I continue to reiterate:

I never booted into OpenWrt to switch back to RouterOS. Therefore, the package you describe is never used (at least in my case).

I 100% understand you want to revert to RouterOS, and my picture shows exactly what you requested.

I hope you took some time to read the MikroTik wiki.

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Are you able to access this menu on your device?

As you see, you're asking about option P.

Thanks for the reply @lleachii.
Yes, I dont have access on that menu.
It seems to me that you access your board through the serial console. My board dont have a serial com port. I dont know if I can access it through its usb port but I am going to need a USB to Serial converter. Perhaps RPI (raspbian) thru its GPIO will do the trick.
Are you using serial/null modem cable to access the serial console? Thanks.

Yes, I stated:

Yes, as the MikroTik instructions tell you to do so.

INCORRECT! This picture is from the OpenWrt Wiki. In the upper-right corner, beside the base screw hole. You will see a pad of 4 contacts labeled "UART." This is your serial com port. When you've accessed that, you can proceed:

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Thank you so much @lleachii for your inputs and time. Feedback later.

There was simpler solution without using UART.

You can reset boot settings with reset button:

  1. Turn off the device power;
  2. Hold the reset button and do not release, turn on the device power;
  3. At time when led labeled with “ACT” starts flashing - release the button to clear configuration;
  4. Wait for a few minutes for the router to restore the factory boot settings.



Thanks for the info man,with your procedure netinstall is working again

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