LEDE as wireless access point / switch and more


today I changed my network setup and switched to lede 17.01.4 on my tp link wdr 3600n.

MY modem is a speedport w724v which doesnt allow me to disable NAT. thats why id'd like to use my lede router as suggested here:
as a wire to wire switch with wlan access point. that would give me the best experience including gaming right?

How do i set this up using luci?
these are my current settings:
speedport has the ip and dhcp enabled.
speedport is connected to wan port on tp link

in the setup for my tp link i changed the following:

interfaces--> lan disabled dhcp .
interfaces --> lan > physical settings bridge interface:checked: vlan eth0.1 ; eth0.2 ; wireless lede ; wireless network lede5ghz

With these settings i could not access the luci interface. so i changed the static ip of lan interface to now i could open luci again.
now the wan and wan6 interfaced dont have ip adresses anymore, is that correct?

other problems:
the 5ghz network is enabled but there is no signal. is this a known error with the wdr 3600?
next i want to setup sqm is the possible using this setup and this guide?

Thanks for your help!

Hi, i wanted to do something similar to what you are asking, here's what i did:

Hope that helps.