LEDE and Dlink DCH-M225

I ended up with two Dlink DCH-M225. They are wifi repeaters and DLNA/Airplay clients (with a jack port) and I get they are supported https://lede-project.org/toh/hwdata/d-link/d-link_dch-m225_a1
The problem is that they don't behave well when two of them are in the same network (and I'm NOT thinking of multiroom synch playback but independent playback). Main problem is that, when I extend with the same SSID, they end up connecting trough eachother and playback won't work at all if they are not connected directly to the router.
So, can LEDE help me? Installing it will still retain the DLNA capabilities of the device? With it, can I somehow totally disable the repeater function (disable the radio not only hide it some how) which I don't really need? If, yes, what would I have to do for that after flashing it?
In case LEDE can't help me with this, any other suggestions in order to disable the repeater functionality on them would be appreciated or at last make them work without setting a different SSID.

You can configure LEDE to only connect to a specifc bssid (the MAC address of your main router's wlan card).

That would be cool if I can't disable the extending functionality.
Unfortunately I don't know if it will still function as a DLNA renderer and afraid to try it as I also stumbled on this: Ethernet-less Dlink DCH-M225 after install accessing problem

You can enable a telnet root shell, then disable the repeater. Unfortunately, the filesystem is in RAM, so you need to re-apply such changes on reboot.

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Hi, I just got a D-Link DCH-M225 A1. You mention that one can enable telnet -- do you mean using CVE-2020-6841 / the hack through spotifyConnect.php ? The Wiki seems to imply the device runs Spotify Connect (checkout the OEM bootlog). However, my device doesnt seem to have it: it doesnt appear as an option in the GUI, and my spotify doesnt detetect the box either. I have tried firmwares 1.03, 1.04, 1.05 and 1.05b01. I am missing something? Or is it only available on a different HW revision or country ?!

It was a while ago, but I probably did mean using that vulnerability to get a telnet running.

A don't know why it doesn't work for you. Perhaps yours is a different release of hardware with a different firmware source tree.

Perhaps try CVE-2020-6842?

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Hi, thank you for the feedback. In the mean time I managed to get telnet access, by modifying the firmware, and I documented it in the devices wiki page.

My device doesnt contain Spotify Connect, but that was actually the reason why I bought the device. Which hardware revision / firmware version did you use which contained Spotify Connect?

Also, any ideas on how to read the system / boot log? Busybox was compiled without "dmesg", and "cat /proc/kmsg" doesnt give me any output...