Lede 17.04 Factory Reset Itself

Today, I updated packages to the latest versions. I reboot the router, which is a WRT1200ac, and when it restarted, it came back up with nothing installed and no configuration, as if it was factory reset. Note, it did not reset to the other partition. The other partition has 18.06 on it.
Since it was back to default settings, I uploaded by latest backup config, and then updated packages to the most current. I reboot the router, and it came back up normal. About 2 hours later, it reboot itself and lost all of its configuration again. Any idea what is happening?

Sounds like there's no free space left on mtd5/mtd7... please post the output of df -h

Check the system log for overlay-related messages.

Like jw0914 said, lack of space is the most typical reason (too many packages installed ???). But it can also be for some other reason that the overlay does not mount properly to use flash drive and continues to use RAM disk.

You need at least a few erase blocks (typically 64 kB) free, so there should be some 256 kB free space after package installations. Or something like that.