LEDE 17.01 source question

Hi maybe a stupid question but I'm trying to understand the HEADs and TAGs.
There are three TAGs, the two RC's and the Final of 17.01.

To use the latest fixes, do you need to checkout the Final TAG and commit the fixes from the 17.01 HEAD?
Or is that not possible and less efficient and better just to checkout the latest 17.01 HEAD?

I'm asking this because the 17.01 HEAD is called 17.01-snapshot if you compile, but actually it is the 17.01 stable + fixes.

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All you need to do is checkout the 17.01 branch, and issue a git pull before every compile to pull down the latest changes.

All these tags are just points in time within the 17.01 branch. Forget the tags, and just follow the branch to be on the latest.

This is how I do it:

clone master:
git clone https://github.com/lede-project/source.git

then switch the to 17.01 branch and follow it:
git fetch origin
git checkout --track origin/lede-17.01

Then pull your packages and compile after your standard make menu setup.

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@cybrnook Thank you I will give it a try.

I just pulled the HEAD 17.01 and I experience some issues with the version it says unknown, also the base-files version is unknown. I think it's because of what hnyman put in another thread that it has something to do with the version file which is missing when downloading by the website instead of using git. Also creating a version file didn't work.

I listed out everything I personally do, and have no issues.

Once you do my commands, you can issue a:

git branch -l

to see what branch you are in master vs lede-17.01

tags are pointers into the history, HEAD is the most current development.

If you want your builds to be reproducable, do

git checkout v17.01.0

if you want the latest, do

git checkout master

or just clone and use that.

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Thank you guys that worked, using git solved my problem. Using the webpage downloadinh the archive gives the issue I described.

Dear cybrnook

Thank you for your kindly help , I will checkout the lede-17.01 branch and try to rebuild image again
You really helped me a lot :smile:

Dear dlang

Thank you for your great help, now I realized i have to checkout lede-17.01 branch first
i am so appreciated for your help :wink: