LEDE 17.01.3 ZBT APE522ii issues

This update has not brought any improvement.
Wlan0 starts working flawlessly but after a while (some minutes) there is a complete breakdown.
The attempt to connect over Wlan1 failed immediately.
In both cases there is no reboot.
Booting with Wlan1 disabled no issues at al

booting 17.01.04 and 18.06.0-rc1 fails
Last firmware booting
LEDE Reboot 17.01.3 r3533-d0bf257c46 / LuCI lede-17.01 branch (git-17.232.21093-079f65a) so issues remain.

It is a pity that nothing has changed to the better since then.
This quite interesting piece of hardware remains still unusable.

Have you made a bug report?

No, I haven't. how and where to do it?
Anyway, the bug is still Ra1 breaks when accessed. (lede 17.01.3)
Flashed with any younger version leads to non-booting at all.

No, I haven't. how and where to do it?

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