LEDE 17.01.2 wireless changes + LuCi save&apply

I would like to ask regarding LuCi wireless configuration.

My impression so far was: Any change that I make in LuCi, is temporary until the next reboot. To make LuCi changes permanent, I need to click "Save&Apply" (just as I would run "uci commit" on the command line.

But I was surprised to find that changes in the LuCi wireless section (e.g. creating a new wifi network) do not seem to require a "Save&Reply", they immediately seem to survive a reboot without clicking on a commit button.

Is that a bug that LuCi wifi changes seem to autocommit or is it that some LuCi parts ( like wireless) are not yet integrated into the commit staging process?

My be on first boot there is a uci default script which add some devices into the config?